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How To Sell Your Restaurant Equipment and Inventory

Restaurant equipment

Are you considering getting rid of your old restaurant equipment, or do you need to liquidate your restaurant business? What are some ways to sell your restaurant inventory? Consider these ideas and tips…

Buy an ad in a restaurant magazine or website

One good way to target other restaurant owners and sell your used equipment is to place an ad in a restaurant industry magazine or news site. There’s a good chance that you’ll be seen by people who could be interested in what you are selling. You should keep in mind that an ad in a national publication may not work if you’re trying to sell to local buyers. Not many business owners will want to have items shipped, especially if it costs too much.

Post a Craigslist ad

If you’ve been hiding in a cave on a remote island for the past 25 years, you may not be aware that the Craigslist website has been a go-to for free classified ads. You can post ads about the items you want to sell and target buyers in your city. The key to success is publishing pictures and detailed descriptions of the items you will be selling.

Tell Your Friends and Family

Ask your family, friends, or other restaurant owners whom you know if they know anyone who would be interested in buying from you. You just never know where that buyer is going to come from!

Social Media Sites

Social media sites can give you viral power and help sell your restaurant’s inventory. Sites such as Facebook’s marketplace, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn can help you find restaurant owners or buyers in your area. Create a text or video post to notify people who follow you that you are selling items. It’s possible that they’ll share your post with their friends/followers. These social sites also offer paid advertising, so you could come up with an ad that will show up in people’s timelines.

Sell to a restaurant supply and equipment store

If there are any restaurant stores in your city, you could see if they buy used equipment or surplus inventory.

Online auctions

If you want a hands-off approach to selling your used restaurant equipment or inventory, you might consider contacting an auction house that specializes in online auctions. They can take care of all the pictures and marketing of anything you want to sell.

Before you sell your restaurant equipment make sure to clean your equipment and put together the warranties and manuals for each item. It also helps to know what the fair market value is for your equipment. This will give you have an edge when negotiating a price.

If you’re in the Yuma, Arizona area, and interested in selling your used restaurant or bar equipment and inventory, contact us to see how we can help!

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